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How long  will the mesh lasts? What is its expected lifespan?

The exact duration will depend on the natural agents to which the net is exposed to such as sunlight, humidity, rain, extreme cold and heat. Anyhow, we can assure an approximate durability of  2 to 4 years.

From this time on, we recommend the user to verify its state periodically. It will not deteriorate overnight and it is easy to detect well in advance if it has suffered any changes.

What parts of my house can I protect with the meshes?

The applications for the meshes are very extensive. The most common usage is in windows and terraces. The net can also be used to create protection from other dangerous zones like the stairs or rails. We can cover all those places that due to their height or location can present a risk for children or adults.

If I move house, can it be re-installed in the new place?

Yes, it is a matter of re-adjustment and checking the state of the net at the time.

How tense should the net be?

The net should be tensed to its optimal point. I degree of flexibility is recommended for the net to be able to absorb a possible blow/hit.

Can they be fitted to any material and surface?

The surface that the fittings will be anchored to should be in a good state, without any humidity or cracks that could weaken the material and fail to offer the necessary resistance.

Can the mesh be installed if there is no ceiling or roof ?

Yes, it can be installed. However, you will previously need to install a well anchored iron or aluminium structure.

What happens if a filament of the mesh breaks?

The transparent mono-filament  net is made up of a discontinued mesh of rhombuses joined by double knots. This means that when cutting a part of it , the tear does not extend.

What is the recommended children age to remove the net?

Our recommendation is to keep the net up to 8 years of age approximately.

 Is it possible to climb the net?

This net has not been designed for this purpose and therefore we do not recommend climbing or hanging from it. Anyhow, both, the elasticity of the net and the size of the rhombus prevent the child from having a suitable base to climb.

How do I remove the mesh once the children have grown up? What will be the state of the windows? 

The mesh can be removed easily and with the tools you have at home. Once removed, you can repair the holes left easily and very rapidly with putty.


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